Lazy Eye Web Reader for Chrome

New Chrome Extension turns any website into a red/blue (or red/green) therapy activity. Many options and adjustments available and it works on most sites - even Facebook!

Click Here to
Install ($2.99/month)

Works with Windows / Mac / Chromebook

Good Children's E-Book Websites

Detailed instructions for these sites will be forth coming soon on the blog.

Amazon Kindle E-Reader

The reader now works with most e-books available on Amazon's Kindle E-Reader on Chrome -

To use, purchase the kindle version on Amazon, then go to 
(free books & subscription for $25/month)

This is my favorite site. They have great books of all reading levels. My daughter's favorite series is about an ordinary school girl who is actually a super hero - Rocket Girl. They have a lot of great free books to try out. A video will be coming soon with how to use the plugin on this site.
A good library of books & best presentation. Well worth the $5. 
Great presentation, limited selection of good books. Allows you to make your own books, though. Great potential resource. 
Has a good selection of classic free books. Presentation is okay, but not on the level of MeeGenius or StoryJumper.

Links to Amazon for 3D Glasses

The extension requires 3D anaglyph glasses to work. There are many available on Amazon - here's a link to a search that works well:

Amazon: 3D Anaglyph Glasses

Amazon: 3D Anaglyph Clip Ons

Important Note

These games & activities are designed to be a supplement to vision therapy as supervised by an optometrist specializing in binocular development.

It is important to only use these if your optometrist has directed you to do anti-suppression activities for amblyopia. Doing so without guidance can result in double vision, or other problems.

Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice.