Lazy Eye Trainer: Website Reader

New Chrome Extension turns any website into a red/blue (or red/green) therapy activity. Many options and adjustments available and it works on most sites - even Facebook!

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Works with Windows / Mac / Chromebook

Works on Most Web Pages, Facebook & Amazon Kindle eReader (on Chrome)


Important Note

These games & activities are designed to be a supplement to vision therapy as supervised by an optometrist specializing in binocular development.

It is important to only use these if your optometrist has directed you to do anti-suppression activities for amblyopia. Doing so without guidance can result in double vision, or other problems.

Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice.

Lazy Eye Training - HVT

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Lazy Eye Training is a set of games and vision training exercises aimed at stimulating both eyes and improving Amblyopia & Strabismus (lazy eye, or eye turn).

The games were built to be easy enough to use and play for pre-schoolers, while still being fun for adults.